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Andy Samberg
has a dad who is a photographer, and his mom is a teacher.

Andy says that the most terrifying thing he’s seen is a slow motion shot of a shark eating a seal on the Discovery Channel’s show Planet Earth.

Andy’s “Must List” in the July 27, 2007 issue of EW was Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth, the Summertime Special (a drink with Jack Daniels, 7-Up, six to eight crushed limes, and lots of ice), Handsome Furs’ Plague Parade, R. Kelly’s Real Talk, and MTV’s Human Giant.

Andy drives a black Lincoln Town Car.

Andy has portrayed infamous American Idol season six contestant Sanjaya Malakar on Saturday Night Live.

In October 2006, Andy received the High Times Stony award for "Lazy Sunday."

One February 7, 2007, Andy joined Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden to perform their song from their hit digital short D*** In A Box, announced as “the new band” and wearing 1980s type costumes.

During the filming of the short D*** In A Box, Andy suggested they get bigger boxes.

Andy's Digital Short "Lazy Sunday" with Chris Parnell was downloaded over a million times the day after it was aired on Saturday Night Live.

Andy's trade marks are his shaggy hair and his digital shorts, especially Lazy Sunday, the hip-hop parody video with Chris Parnell.

Andy is right handed.

During the recording of D*** In A Box, Andy was nervous to be recording with Justin Timberlake, and his voice cracked a few times.

Andy is a fan of the website, which was born on the show "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" after a joke was made. The site features a lot of fan art. On his second appearance on Conan, Andy showed a picture he made which was a take off of his digital short with Justin Timberlake D*** In A Box, which had Andy and the Manatee with a box in their area.

Both of Andy's digital shorts on the holiday episodes of "Saturday Night Live" (Lazy Sunday and D*** In A Box), became huge Internet sensations, both getting the #1 spot at
One of the people who was very influential with getting Andy the gig on "Saturday Night Live" was alum Jimmy Fallon, and Andy happens to do an impression of Jimmy, which he did when he auditioned for the show.

Andy has the Lonely Island nickname of "Ardy."

Andy dated actress Kirsten Dunst.

Andy once had a role on a Japanese car commercial.

After Andy was told he got the gig on SNL, he met Conan O'Brien not too long after, and he said it "blew his mind."

Andy was in the 2006 issue of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors, in the Single In 50 States section, being named hottest from New York.

Andy made an appearance at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards as Ron Google, the man who hacked into the award show and was interfering with Jessica's hosting.

Andy's height is 5' 10".

Andy is a writer on the movie Parental Guidance Suggested, along with fellow SNL castmember Will Forte. The movie is set to be released in 2007.

Andy's last Digital Short for season 31 of SNL was "Andy Walking," a take-off of "Jay Walking" from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno where average people on the streets are made to look like idiots. However in this, the people questioned got every answer right.

Andy is set to be the main star of The Lonely Island’s first movie Hot Rod. The movie is about an accident-prone daredevil who, in order to win over his hard-to-please stepfather, plans to jump the Snake River on a moped to emulate his hero Evel Kinevel. The movie was produced by Lorne Michaels and started shooting in summer 2006. It was released in June 2007.

Andy is the most publicly active member of The Lonely Island.

Andy attended NYU (New York University) Fiml School and the University of California, Santa Cruz as a film student.

Even though “Lazy Sunday” was the most popular of his digital shorts, the first one Andy appeared in was “Lettuce,” which was Andy and Will Forte taking big bites out of heads of lettuce during a conversation.

Andy describes many of his impressions as “atypical.”

Andy has said that he is a very big fan of the hit TV show “The O.C.”

One of Andy's few live segments was as the teacher to a class of people who wanted to learn how to use the site MySpace, which included a mom and many Internet predators wanting to learn it.

In his first season of SNL, Samberg appeared on more non-live SNL segments than actual live sketches.

Andy's first SNL appearance was on the parody of the commercial “Morgan Stanley.” He played the boyfriend of Amy Poehler.

Andy's claim to fame on Saturday Night Live was in the Digital Short Lazy Sunday, with fellow SNL cast member Chris Parnell. In it, they rapped about the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia" and cupcakes, among other things.

Andy's group, The Lonely Island, made a pilot for FOX called “Awesometown.”
Samberg plays the role of Aaron in The ‘Bu, a take-off of the popular TV show "The O.C." It was The Lonely Island’s contribution to Channel 101.

Andy was a writer for the MTV Movie Awards in 2004 and 2005.

Andy attended Berkeley High School and graduated in the class of 1996.

Andy is part of the comedy group The Lonely Island.
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